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Let us Manage Your Store
Looking for a way to streamline your income sources and literally make money on autopilot? For the first time ever we are offering this exclusive program to a very limited amount of people.
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"This was hands down the best decision I've ever made. THANK YOU Marc!" - Michelle B.
What is it?
This is an opportunity to use my team to have us build and manage your entire Amazon store 100%. 

This once "reserved for only close friends and family" favor is now a program we are only  offering to a small group of 10 people each month.

This is a 100% Done-For-You service where we pull in a dedicated account manager that works 9am-5pm CST Monday-Friday on NOTHING but your Amazon account. Your account manager will be working side by side our team of trained experts. 

You invest in the program and we bring in one of our trained Amazon account managers to work along side me and the team to get your store making money as soon as possible. 
We use your investment money to hire the account manager, give them a dedicated computer and desk in our office space, and then put them through our extensive internal training program lead by senior members of our team. This training shows them all of our best practices, step by step how each process needs to work, how to avoid any account issues, etc. 

The advantage is that we have a whole room of people solving issues and identify new trends and regulations that would be almost impossible for 1 individual sitting in their home office doing this to figure out on their own. 

So what's the catch? 

There really is none. The way we make sense of this program is by making it a win-win for both sides by making it a profit sharing program. The program itself does require a fairly decent investment. As a company, we make money when you make money. 

That means that we only make money if you make money. 

You make the initial investment, we immediately use that money to hire your dedicated account manager, we train them and then as we bring in profit, 70% goes to you and 30% goes to us moving forward. We charge you the cost of running the account for 3 months, which is just about the time we need to get the account to a consistently profitable place. You keep 100% of the profits for the first 3 months, and then we start to collect 30% of the profits at the end of month 4.


DOn't just take it from us. 
Below are a few of the accounts we are either fully managing or the user has been through our coaching program within the last month. With all of the changes with Amazon, we have systematically figured out a way to work around the changes and still continue to make and run extremely profitable accounts. 
What do I need to do once we get started?
We will need you to allow us 5 - 10 business days in order to get your manager onboarded and fully trained to take over your account (in the event that there is already someone onboard we may get the account started within 3-5 business days).

To ensure we are able to comply with the above timeframe you must have already created your seller central account (signed up as a professional seller) and properly entered all your tax info into your Amazon account. Additionally, the following accounts will be required:

Access to the email linked to all the above accounts (we recommend to create or use an existing email that will be used for the store purposes only).

  • Amazon Seller Central Account
  • Jungle Scout Logins (Lite Chrome Extension)
  • OA Genius Account
  •  Access to the email linked to all the above accounts (we recommend to create or use an existing email that will be used for the store purposes only).
What you can expect and when:
You can expect to see your first sale/order within 7 - 10 business days after the first listings on your account.

Month 1 - As a new Amazon seller, for the first 20 - 30 days after your first sale we will limit daily sale average to a maximum of $250 (this is to avoid Amazon Velocity Review).

Month 2 - After the first 30 days, we will gradually increase your sales to a maximum of $600 per day for a month. 

Month 3 - You daily sales may reach as much as $1000 per day. We will do our best to monitor and maintain these limits in order to avoid any review for velocity purposes. 

Month 4 and onward - At this point, while we will still try to avoid your store from selling a ridiculous amount (that is not supported by the history we have created or buyer feedback) we will be focusing on building your listings in order to maintain sales of $1,000 per day and above (keep in mind that these goals are not bared on stone as there are many factors involved in making these numbers happen, including trying to avoid and competing with snippers that we may not immediately catch).

Disclaimer: We will do our best to maintain these goals to the best our abilities and the abilities of the systems we rely on (therefore we do not guarantee that the sales limit will exactly match the amount above, sales may be below the limit or slightly over). 
What we DON'T do
  • We don't do book keeping for your taxes
  • We don't perform any business management task such as setting up an LLC or Sole proprietorship.

How does order fulfillment work?
Your payment details is saved in the account of the supplier and we simply need the security code or the CVV number at the back of your card. Once sales come it, your dedicated account manager will fulfill your orders, from the supplier. We do not need access to any of your bank details or credit card information. We simply need the CVV number and we do this for the security of our clients.

The fulfillment method currently in place is the following:
    Amazon Payments and Reports
    Amazon typically pays the sellers every two weeks. You will be able to visualize payment statements and monthly reports from within your seller central account under the Report Tab. 

    Additional to the report you visualize we will also be sending a monthly report this will include the all orders purchased within the specified month, sale and retail price per order, the status of it (whether it was completed, canceled, refunded or returned), profit per item based on the 15% referral fee and whether the order was fulfilled using a gift card or your credit/debit card. This report will be sent to the email you provided in excel format. 

      Common Questions 
      "Do I need to do anything?"
      Once you sign up, we will require some information from you to simply set everything up and going, we will also need help verifying account authorization on occasion. 
      "How much is it to join?"
      Let's keep it simple, profit split 70% to you and 30% to us.
      "What happens on weekends?"
      The accounts will not be worked on until official work days so nothing will be touched on the weekends.
      "Who will deal with refunds?"
      Your account manager will deal with all activities related to your account including returns and refunds. 
      "How to manage IP addresses?"
      Each person is managing one account on one computer.
      "If something goes wrong with the account, then what?"
      The purpose of us managing it and growing it slowly is because we know the requirements of Amazon and what could potentially go wrong. The one thing that we do not have control over is if the owner of the Amazon account has already lost an account previously which would make it much more likely for the account to get shut down. 
      "Are there any additional costs?"
      Aside from setting up and paying for the accounts mentioned above, it is important that you have access to 3k-5k to fulfill orders and purchase gift cards before sales dollars are available. 
      "Can I have multiple accounts?"
      Yes, but you would have to pay for another seat in the program.
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